Arguing the facts of the climate crisis kinda misses the point.

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Many people who were previously skeptical of the climate crisis or downright didn’t believe the science have shifted. Albeit slightly, and still without acknowledging a need to act. I hear and read quite often from people who used to say it wasn’t real that now say, “ok, it’s real, but…

The one thing we have in common may be greater than all that divides us.

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We seem pretty disconnected nowadays.

Scratch that, we are pretty disconnected. From one another, from ourselves, from our planet. We are 7 billion+ humans moving in infinite directions each trying to achieve a million different things. From getting the kids to school to saving for retirement. From finding a hot…

Using our current discord as the fertilizer for a better culture.

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This week’s insurrection has brought to a head all the inflammatory incitement our president has been fomenting for the past four-plus years. Sure, there’s hope because the sun is about to set on his disastrously divisive administration. But because one man goes away doesn’t mean the problems go away. (And…

Or the merits of lifting a finger rather than pointing it, as it pertains to the climate crisis.

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Read five articles on the climate crisis and you’ll read about 5 different culprits for our current predicament. From politicians to businesses to the very nature of our economy and everything in between. Who’s right? Truthfully, all of them. Who’s to blame? Simply, all of us. …


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