The Start Of Something New

First let me say, I guess I’m writing a blog now? I am, I’m writing a blog. Apparently. I’ve toyed with this idea for a year or two, even though I don’t consider myself a writer, and mostly I just enjoy rambling about my own musings. Plus I already spend plenty of time on my computer, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll actually sit down and write. And I mean, who will even read this? Oh well, none of this really matters. I find myself writing in my head, constantly, and it needs a place to go. Writing is a good and healthy exercise, where I hope to process my thoughts out loud to someone other than my husband, who listens patiently throughout my yammerings.

But also, I like to talk about subjects that I don’t often hear others write about in a fair, balanced, or positive light. Like unnecessary debates and false arguments, the sad decline of “live and let live”, and my curious observations on humanity (warning: most of them may not be glowing). Please note, these will typically not be overly political as I am not a politically-minded person and am repulsed by our current two-party system. So I’ll write about my issues with politics, but not my personal political leanings—it’s just not that interesting or important.

And truly, what better time to begin a new writing project than a new year?

So stay tuned for my rambles on future topics like: why is there an apparent battle between parents and non-parents (and does it even exist?); why are Americans more driven to support their political party than finding commonalities; why are we more interested in judging each other than caring for each other; and why are dogs so awesome? Just kidding on that last one, we all know why dogs are so awesome. (They’re adorable, loving, non-judgemental, and hilarious. And they save lives and stuff.)

So yeah, maybe check in some time? Or not, I get it — lots of blogs and articles to read, not enough time. And I certainly don’t sell it well, in fact, has this entire post been an elaborate attempt to keep you from reading my blog? Wow, already an interesting twist!

Why did I add a picture of chocolate cake to this blog? Because people like pictures, and I need an image to show up when I post this on Facebook. But what pic goes with a post like this? None. But doesn’t this look delicious? We need more cake in this country. Because cake. I’m a devout member of the cake party.

A husband and wife team exploring the topics we are passionate about, both individually and together.

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